Jeff has contracted some horrible disease, so Rob and Dave dip into the mailbag to discuss Disney, Stranger Things, and what makes something worth watching or skipping. Prior to the break Rob and Dave cover their new business, featuring rape in Game of Thrones, gender inequality in nude […]

Episode 058: Mail Bag

This week we talk about podcasts. ON A PODCAST! Crazy stuff, I don’t know if it’s been done before. In what I can only assume to be a trailblazing super-meta episode we cover what makes podcasts good or bad. After the break we discuss different podcasts that we each listen […]

Episode 057: Podiocast’s Finest

  The Geeks weigh in on Stranger Things. Surprise! We all loved it! The demi-gorgon ate the audio track of one Mike Bonikowsky so unfortunately you will not hear his dulcet tones on this episode. Such are the perils of the upside-down. You can write into the podcast at geekorthodoxpodcast@gmail.com […]

Episode 056: Stranger Things

Episode 055
    Due to unfortunate circumstances, our Stranger Things episode had to be put on the back burner and instead Dave and Rob catch up on some new business and some listener mail pertaining to the Disney episode. You can Write into the podcast at geekorthodoxpodcast@gmail.com. Thanks for listening and […]

Episode 055: The Dog Dies

  Jeff goes off on a tangent of why he is anti-Disney. Agree? Disagree? Are Jeff’s facts out of context and out of date? Probably! You decide. Feel free to contact us with questions or comments at geekorthodoxpodcast@gmail.com

Minisode 010: Anti-Disney

GO Ep 54 the Big D
  The gang mangles your childhood as they run through every Disney animated film since Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Dave likes Mulan, Rob likes the Sword in the Stone, Jeff is a cold heartless man who sees vulgar objects in everyday architecture. After the break we read some […]

Episode 054: The Big “D” (Disney)

Untitled design (2) 1
  Special guest Tyler Smith from More Than One Lesson joins Rob and Dave for this supersized episode where we talk about Donald Trump, Christian Media, Podcasting and Movies. If you want to skip the politics talk you can jump ahead to 48:00 in. After the break we break down […]

Episode 053: More Than One Geek

Geek Orthodox
  Dave is absent, so Rob and Jeff geek out over the new Star Trek flick. In new business we gush about Stranger Things, Jeff talks a bit about Children of the Mind from the Ender’s Game series, and Rob talks about The Talos Principle, which is a video game […]

Episode 052: Interspecies Relations

Face Huggers for Kids
  I swear this episode is not late because I was out playing Pokemon Go… So here is our episode about Pokemon Go. In new business we talk about Star Trek, Batman v. Superman, and The Big Short. Then we get into the fads of our past, using Pokemon to […]

Episode 051: Facehuggers for Kids

Geeks Live
  Episode 50! We marked the occasion by recording live at Morningstar Christian Fellowship. The youth pastor Scott Hurst was kind enough to speak on what the Bible says about being created in the image of God, and he then joins the regular crew as we delve into what that […]

Episode 050: Geeks Live