Special guest Reed Lackey from The Fear of God podcast joins our rag tag band of nerds as we have a horror double feature of Let Me In and the 1978 iteration of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Horror movies may not be real, but we’re pretty sure that […]

Episode 061: Invasion of Reed Lackey (We Let Him In)

  So the episode is a day late. It’s the strangest thing, I had it loaded and in the chamber and I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Thankfully, a voice in my head finally whispered, “Post it.” So here it is! In our reactions to episode three of HBO’s sci-fi […]

Westworld Minisode: 103

Sweet Christmas, it’s our Luke Cage episode! We unpack the latest in Marvel’s Netflix TV offering in this show where we discuss black culture, racism, and misappropriating scripture. Write us a letter and let us know how ignorant we sound at geekorthodoxpodcast@gmail.com. As always, thank you for listening and supporting […]

Episode 060: Power Man

  Rob and Peter continue on their quest to the centre of the scalp maze, and this time we’re never going back. Episode two asks us to consider who we really are. Are we really good people? Are we androids? Are you an android? How will you ever know if […]

Westworld Minisode: 102

Nemesis of the show Peter Adourian makes a temporary truce with Rob to record a limited weekly series of reaction episodes to HBO’s new series Westworld. In a future where Hannibal Lecter runs Jurasic Park and populates it with the replicants from Blade Runner instead of dinosaurs and makes them […]

Westworld Minisode: 101

It’s the most scariest month of the year! It’s October, and we’re kicking it off with this throwback episode that Rob recorded with special guest Kenny Poniatowski. Rob and Kenny go through the history of the horror movie genre starting with Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in 1960 and rounding things out […]

Episode 059: A Chronology of Horror

    Jeff has contracted some horrible disease, so Rob and Dave dip into the mailbag to discuss Disney, Stranger Things, and what makes something worth watching or skipping. Prior to the break Rob and Dave cover their new business, featuring rape in Game of Thrones, gender inequality in nude […]

Episode 058: Mail Bag

This week we talk about podcasts. ON A PODCAST! Crazy stuff, I don’t know if it’s been done before. In what I can only assume to be a trailblazing super-meta episode we cover what makes podcasts good or bad. After the break we discuss different podcasts that we each listen […]

Episode 057: Podiocast’s Finest

  The Geeks weigh in on Stranger Things. Surprise! We all loved it! The demi-gorgon ate the audio track of one Mike Bonikowsky so unfortunately you will not hear his dulcet tones on this episode. Such are the perils of the upside-down. You can write into the podcast at geekorthodoxpodcast@gmail.com […]

Episode 056: Stranger Things

    Due to unfortunate circumstances, our Stranger Things episode had to be put on the back burner and instead Dave and Rob catch up on some new business and some listener mail pertaining to the Disney episode. You can Write into the podcast at geekorthodoxpodcast@gmail.com. Thanks for listening and […]

Episode 055: The Dog Dies